DDaT Recruitment

Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT)

Alongside the public service, and the Energy Sector, Ofgem is undergoing tremendous transformation and change. We are building a more modern, insight-driven, adaptive, innovative and simplified Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) function that can deliver outstanding experiences at the right cost, quality and pace.

We will be working together, in multi-disciplinary teams to deliver outstanding services, and continuously learn by doing and improve as we go. Our technology today is overly complex, expensive to support and isn't optimised for the business; we will be transforming our technology and align, integrate and converge our estate to be simple, secure resilient and meet the pace of change.

We'll lean on Government Digital Service and the DDaT profession; and the skills and talent and passion of our people to drive this change. It’s a brilliant opportunity to be part of this exciting time; to not only transform Ofgem and equip us with the technology, tools and capabilities to enable data driven decision making and make a difference to consumers; but to also play a critical role in how industry and the public sector can work together to drive innovation, and new business models to affect positive change across the energy sector.