DDaT Recruitment

Data Services

The data landscape is rapidly evolving across the whole energy sector, and Ofgem are a leading light in modernising regulatory approaches to ensuring data is put to best use for consumers.

We are not your ordinary government department, our experts are breaking ground in the world, defining and designing industry-wide best practices for the use data and, we are transforming Ofgem itself, setting ourselves up for the future of regulation.

Our work includes technical experts, such as data scientists, engineers, analysts and modellers who enjoy unprecedented access to energy market data and who get to work on in an open-source cloud computing environment crafting data pipelines to deliver insight about the energy market. We have data policy specialists, who combine economic and data expertise to ensure our regulatory rules continue to protect energy consumers. Modern data is providing a huge opportunity for us to change how we go about regulating the energy market, our people are here to best harness it for the public good.