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Cyber Security for Gas & Electricity

The digital agenda has driven energy system integration to the internet, as business wants the ability to track and manage the molecule from the ground to our appliances. With this level of interconnection - a new level of risk has emerged, which has led to cities such as Kiev losing power from hacking. We also know that our reliance on energy is growing and changing – from ‘smart grid’ to self-driving electric cars – and therefore the risk of attack is more wide spread - and its effect on all of us is also increasing.

In response to the Cyber threat, Government has put forward additional regulation and Ofgem is the joint Competent Authority (CA) to regulate Cyber Resilience for downstream gas and electricity, which has evolved our traditional economic regulator role, into the inclusion of Cyber.

As Cyber Security and Resilience now features so heavily in regulation, price control and the new programmes of work, such as Switching – we have decided to invest in our capability. Our strategy for the Ofgem Cyber Competent Authority is in building a foundation of people and processes, including the hiring of additional; technical advisory, audit and research & development staff, in order to encourage engagement and innovative Cyber solutions around Industrial Control System, IoT and automation.